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Boldly Breaking Through

Welcome to my blog ... and to the magic of creating openings and breakthroughs in your life!

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From Stuck To Unstoppable

At the heart of my coaching practice is my dedication to helping people get unstuck so they can be unstoppable, and really see their lives soar. Moving your life forward to a place of such freedom that you experience the exhilaration of soaring is no small thing. I believe it’s a possibility for everyone. Let’s … ...
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4 Keys To Nourishing Your Relationship

In anticipation of my wedding anniversary, it’s time for my annual deep-dive relationship reflection time. I’m still feeling the exhilaration of a second marriage — it’ll be six years with my beloved this July. I’m determined to continue bringing my best self to him — this sweet, caring husband of mine — in as many … ...
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Pleasure As Your North Star

Ah, the experience of pure pleasure. You know the feeling; when you’re in it, it can be so divine. You drop down from awareness of your thoughts into a yummy experience in your heart and body — perhaps with a subtle, delicious buzz or tingle. You tune in there. It rounds you out and smoothes … ...
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Curating Life as Art

“All the arts we practice are apprenticeship. The big art is our life.” ~M.C. Richards I have long thought of myself, and my life, as a royal work-in-progress. Though it may seem like a stretch, I’ve been intent on creating a masterpiece. It’s messy and magnificent all at once. Sometimes I draw inside the lines, … ...
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Caretaker of Your Thoughts

Assuming stewardship over our minds can be a full-time job — a job that’s definitely essential. The time, effort, and energy you bring to this work betters yourself and your community. You, and only you, are the caretaker of your thoughts. It’s a privilege, an honor, and a challenge. You are the one solely responsible … ...
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Crossing the Threshold: A Magical Midlife Moment!

  Let me attempt to capture here, if even possible, an inner experience that literally stopped me in my tracks and left me completely out of sorts. It’s that moment when you notice an odd giant space between your thoughts. A truly vacant landscape. A clearing of sorts. In that instant, you’re unsure exactly how … ...
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The Gift of Being Seen

I’m sure you know the feeling. That moment when someone says or does something that lets you know they completely see and get you. You feel recognized and acknowledged for what makes you quintessentially you. It feels delicious, yes? A sense of aliveness and joy ripples gently through your body. Every cell tingles happily. It’s … ...
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Gratitude For Sacred Safe Spaces

Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again. ~ Joseph Campbell To heal, we must feel. Yet, one can’t easily feel unless “held” in a safe way. We all need this. We need the experience of security that comes from feeling safe, where we can simply be and feel trusting there. In the comfort … ...
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Cheering Our Sisters On!

“She can’t, or she won’t. Regardless, she doesn’t.” These were the pained words my client uttered while sobbing, struggling to comprehend why her supposedly close friend of many years refused to acknowledge any of her recent accomplishments. My client was completely mystified and heartbroken. In that instant, I felt my chest ache and my breath … ...
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Celebrating The Power of Kindness

I’ve witnessed so many random acts of kindness these past few months. The juxtaposition of these touching moments with the backdrop of a world which sometimes feels cold, confusing, or frightening, is striking to me. Let us contemplate and celebrate this outpouring of genuine compassion by diving deeper into this way of being. Let’s raise … ...
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Pondering Life In-Between: A Collaboration

By Beth Johnston and Maria Sylvester I, Beth Johnston, am 61 years old. I thought I had purpose in my life, but the coronavirus quarantine and its effects have left me feeling a bit lost. Family gatherings are my jam. A family dinner once a week is very important to me, especially since I became … ...
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Hope Is Contagious

Hope is contagious—extremely so. Beware, it seems to be spreading at alarming rates. It presents us with daily unexpected surprises and challenges, especially in its capacity to ignite a fierce fire in our bodies, minds, and hearts. It’s a fire infused with determination and perseverance. And for some, the final stages of this condition may … ...
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