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Get Unstuck.

Be Unstoppable.


Experience Hope, Clarity, Courage & Confidence as you begin living from the HEART of what really matters.



As a certified Professional Life and Relationship Coach, I have made it my mission to empower adults, couples, and visionary leaders to live from the heart of what really matters to them. Doing so, they bring their fully-expressed, vibrant selves into the world while successfully pursuing their desires, dreams, and goals.

Clear away obstacles and embark on an adventure of new perspectives, new wisdom, and new ways of being.  Coach with me and experience a dynamic partnership that takes you on a transformational journey of self-discovery and mastery. Sparks of inspiration and extraordinary possibilities will be ignited within you!

I also have a special gift for helping women reclaim their sacred feminine power, and embrace their radiant, sensual, sexy spirit, and energy! Amazing, soul-fulfilling magic happens when women participate in my Midlife Magnificence and Magnificence in Motion™ programs, Mastermind Groups, and Leadership Circles.

You have the ability to create a life you love… a life that aligns with your deepest passions, priorities, and values. Make your life a masterpiece. Give yourself a golden gift - the opportunity to find your way home to yourself - the opportunity to step into your greatness!

Yours for empowerment, and truly an awesome life,


Have your priorities changed?


Are you haunted by anxiety, doubt, or uncertainty?


Do you want to feel more awake and vibrantly alive in your life??


Do you long for juicy, rich, soul-fulfilling relationships and connections with yourself and others?

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Working with a Life Coach can help you get clear on what you really want in life, and then

help you take flight!


Experience the Power of...

Having a Vision
Setting Intentions
Changing Limiting Beliefs
Gaining Clarity & Balance
Trusting & Honoring Yourself
Living Your Purpose & Passions
Embracing Challenges & Uncertainty
Transforming Problems Into Opportunities
Stepping Into Your Greatness!


"I have worked with another coach, however, it was Maria’s skills and supportive coaching that helped me to finally identify and take positive steps to freeing myself from a situation that was causing me a lot of anxiety! She is amazing and her clients are blessed to be able to work with her! I would recommend her highly and plan to work with her again whenever I need a coach!" ~ T. M.
"Maria helps people help themselves through a very unique process. She helps her clients get to the root cause of an emotional or psychological struggle that is keeping them from really tapping into their true potential. When a client discovers this "cause" its like opening a floodgate. Maria has helped me work through some road blocks in my business which were really just struggles within myself. I highly recommend Maria." ~ A.G
"Maria's strengths as a coach are her compassion and creativity. I never feel judged and I always feel like she has an interesting idea for me to try. I think that her open mindedness is apparent in every aspect of our sessions. She is very peaceful, and I like the fact that she brings some spirituality into our work." ~ M.T.
"As a business coach, I meet many people that are life coaches. Maria was one of the best. When I became stuck myself, I had no hesitation asking Maria for some help. I had lost my compass and lost my motivation. After working with Maria, I gained clarity on what direction I needed to pursue and, with her help, was able to lock in on what mattered most to me. I can heartily recommend Maria. She is a gem." ~ K.S.
"Brilliantly, Maria helped me to see and speak out loud what was blocking me and then invented this positively golden micro-process that allowed me to get past the block each and every time I experienced it (which was almost every day). She's got a way of helping you be kind to yourself (or hold yourself accountable - whatever you need) that I haven't experienced in other coaching." ~ M.R.

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