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Boldly Breaking Through

Welcome to my blog ... and to the magic of creating openings and breakthroughs in your life!

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Cultivating Spaciousness Inside & Out

If spaciousness were a muscle, could you flex yours easily? And what might you expect if you could? Cultivating the capacity for spaciousness in our lives is essential for a healthy and vibrant wellbeing. When I speak of spaciousness, I’m referring to both an internal, psychological spaciousness of mind and spirit, as well as a …...
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Relationship Secret Sauce

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”  ~ Moulin Rouge We’ve all had to find our way when it comes to intimate relationships. There were no classes in school that taught us how to successfully “do” them. Granted, there have been thousands of books and articles written on …...
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Traveling Through Transitions

One thing that life does not spare for any of us are transitions. Existing as a human on this beautiful planet of ours means that inevitably and intermittently, we’ll experience changes in our lives. These changes may come as a gentle pull forward or a sudden, harsh push. Regardless of whether or not we care …...
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Be That Person

“What if you were to be the person you needed when you were younger?” I’ll occasionally wonder this out loud to a coaching client who is experiencing emotional distress. I wait and watch. Typically, I witness a subtle shift — a moment of quiet, yet profound, transformation. The anxiety, angst, emotional struggle, defensiveness, or blaming ceases. …...
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The Best Way Forward Is Back

Game on! 2020 is here. If you are at all like me, you’re carefully, deliberately pondering possible goals or intentions for yourself in this new year. Here’s a little secret that will pretty much guarantee extraordinary days ahead: the best way forward is back. Back to you. For an amazing new year ahead, I recommend first …...
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Patience On The Path

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets accomplished.” ~ Lao Tzu It’s been a lifelong challenge of mine, this notion of patience. Yet I’m happy to report that I’m finally making real headway with this phenomenon, resulting in all sorts of interesting changes in my life. And what perfect timing, as we head into the …...
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Cultivating Wonder

“Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder”  ~E.B. White I’ve recently discovered a secret, intoxicating way to feel consistently uplifted and expansive in my life. I’ll share it with you: I’ve been cultivating a state of wonder! Allowing myself to cozy in and hang out here, considering life with admiration, definitely keeps …...
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Perfectly Imperfect

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me that is the essence of beauty.”  ~ S. Maraboli I tend to roll through my days so much better, and feel so much happier, when I concentrate my energy on being my perfectly imperfect …...
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The Joy of Mother-Daughter Travel

“Beyond my wildest dreams” really did happen to me, in this lifetime. I could never have imagined the multiple ways a trip to Italy with my adult daughter could break my heart open even wider than it already had been in our relationship. We were celebrating her college graduation. The destination, southern Italy. Her pick. …...
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From Bubble Baths to Bliss

When was the last time you gave yourself over to the delicious sanctuary of a bubble bath – truly gave yourself over to the sheer bliss of it? What better time, really, than lounging amid those soft, floating bubbles to relax deeply, laying your burdens and worries aside for a bit? What better time to …...
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Rolling in the Deep Muck of Resentment…and Coming Away Clean!

We have all been there. Fired up and furious, stuck in the muck -the deep muck of resentment. The bitter taste of it contaminates our ability to see straight or feel anything but restlessness and discontent. Rolling in the deep muck of resentment can be down right painful and haunting. It can feel depressing, with …...
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Boosting Your Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Hello? Is the signal coming through? Testing one, two, three! Can you hear what that which is essential to recognize in your own inner dialogue? Are you attending to exactly what your sweet, beautiful heart is calling out for amid the clatter and rattling of the day-to-day rumblings filling your head? Just what, specifically, does …...
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